Thursday, 29 January 2009

Microsoft SharePoint - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pretty Bad Info

Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies include browser-based collaboration and a document-management platform. These can be used to host web sites that access shared workspaces and documents, as well as specialized applications like wikis and blogs from a browser. Not clear if SharePoint is hosting the or accessing. Actually WSS is the core sharepoint technology which is an extension of the .NET object model

Users can manipulate proprietary controls or pieces of content called web parts to create or modify sites.
User security model is more complex than this. Actually users, or reviewers and readers have limited or not access of web parts, administrators and designers do.

SharePoint is not intended to replace a full file server. Instead, it is targeted as a collaborative workspace, a tool for the management and automation of business processes, and a platform for social networking.
SharePoint can be used to replace file servers. Deployment of SharePoint at the very least will make file servers usages less, and potentially and likely in most cases remove all need.

Microsoft markets this as Collaboration, Processes, and People.Really? Never saw this myself.

SharePoint interface is through a web interface, such as a task list or discussion pane. SharePoint sites are actually ASP.NET 2.0 applications, which are served using IIS and use a SQL Server database as a data storage backend. SharePoint can be interfaced through Office documents and using Office 2007 allows use of SharePoint WITHOUT any accesss via a web browser. Though it is an HTTP interface.

All site content data is stored within a SQL Server database called WSS_Content. FALSE: Database name can be given any name by installer. Each site collection can have a unique dtabase with unique name
Microsoft SharePoint - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Comment: I hope to spend some time correctly some of these sections because they have gotten very poor. The main problem with Wikipedia is finding all the hundreds of places poor data can hide out.

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