Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pirate Pay torrent 'blocker' backed by Microsoft

 "A Russian company has developed software it says can disrupt and prevent people from downloading pirated content. 
"Pirate Pay has been backed by Microsoft and has so far worked with Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures to stop "thousands" of downloads. 
"The tool poses as real bit torrent users but then "confuses" peer-to-peer networks, causing disconnections. 
"Critics argue that the method will be ineffective in the long term"

BBC News - Pirate Pay torrent 'blocker' backed by Microsoft

This is simply wrong.  What ever the threat of IP lose to massive companies is, the solution is not Microsoft spending millions to create 'punking' technology.  Already many regimes in the world disrupt social networks to prevent things they don't like.  In Bahrain and Russia regime forces have often flooded Twitter in an effort to disrupt discourse around democracy.  What Microsoft is adding here in an industrial component that will punk social networks as a feature, converting what is now and unethical practice in to an business.

I call this kind of conduct 'Troll Bombing'

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