Thursday, 24 May 2012

Microsoft Office For Android and iPhone! Yes!

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Our dreams to be answered?

"The mobile Office apps are very much in demand and are among the top paid apps in the iTunes App Store. Although we have Apple's Pages, Keynote and Number apps, which are consistently in the top ten bestsellers list after iWork for iPad's launch in 2010 but they don't serve the purpose perfectly.

"The market for Windows Phone has not been favourable, though tablet-friendly Windows 8 is in the pipeline but the market giant iPad would not let it go that easy. In such a scenario, releasing a mobile version of Office suite may augment the survival of Windows Phone in the market. "

Microsoft Office For Android To Arrive This Fall

Microsoft has one major mantra: fight them until you beat them at their own game.  But like all good companies, and few governments it seems, Microsoft also has a standard Plan B: if you can't beat them join them.

Recently I have seen a major change in Microsoft open source.  In 2007 I felt like I dropped a bomb when I even brought up open sourced to a group of Microsoft sales people on Biztalk.  I got the impression that they were not supposed to talk the subject.  Since Microsoft has become the main open source cloud hosting platform.  The company was able to see the writing on the wall and come alone.  So will they do the same thing with Android and iPhone?

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