Thursday, 12 May 2011

Web 3.0 Lab: Huddle on death of the enterprise

Notes based on talk of Alastair Mitchell,, CEO and co-founder of Huddle: The death of enterprise as we know it

The talk was given by another staff.

Huddle provides content management and collaboration like SharePoint but in the Cloud.

The key is the "consumerization" of IT. As consumers we now have access of easy use of Cloud services on many devices. Especially the Digital Natives have grown up with apps and mobile devices that give easy functionality which they choose for themselves and configure to share and communicate.

The established structure of IT in the Enterprise is a restricted controlled access. But today 95% of users in the west use some form of their own devices or software to do their job. The personal device is breaking down the Enterprise's control over information systems inside the Enterprise. But also employees store personal data on company networks, perhaps as high as 50%.

Also techie workers want to work at companies with high tech new stuff.

So the Enterprise is being torn in part with IT departments on one side driven by FUD and techie users at the work space.

Huddle believes that its technology can resolve this debate at the center of Web 2.0. Huddle believes that IT needs change because staff life experiences will not.

Huddle holds up the Cloud as solution to this problem. IT departments need to put aside their security and control concerns and embrace the Clout. The Cloud will reduce cost and promote agility. Cloud applications will also allow more variable devices to connect in to the business functionality.

Huddle deals with security via several levels of security: physical, application security layer, testing of security. Huddle notices that 86% of SharePoint users say they would rather use email than SharePoint. Huddle sees adoption as a key feature over SharePoint. Huddle claims 90% adoption. Though the stats Huddle gives here is a bit misleading. They give Huddle adoption and SharePoint satisfaction. But they should compare adoption to adoption or satisfaction to satisfaction.

Huddle also points extensive adoption by the government of Huddle. I would also note the government makes extensive use of SharePoint.

Today any business need can be meet with a Cloud based service that can live on many devices. Rather than IT solutions are coming up with open APIs, based in the Cloud

These are Web 3.0 Lab notes and do not necessarily reflect the views of Huddle or any of the presenters at Internet World 2011.

Web 3.0 Lab: Huddle on death of the enterprise:

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