Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Microsoft and RIM to make partnership

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Ballmer Microsoft CEO
Steve Ballmer Announces Big Partnership With Research In Motion:

"Steve Ballmer just took the stage at Research In Motion's conference to announce a new partnership between Microsoft and RIM.

"Bing search and maps are now the default on BlackBerrys at the OS level, says analyst Michael Gartenberg, who is on hand.

"Ballmer also said Microsoft would invest 'uniquely' in BlackBerry services."

The potential alliance of RIM/Blackberry with Microsoft is so logical it is a bit surprising how long Microsoft avoided it. The fact of the matter is that Microsoft stack has had a mobile device for almost a decade now in Blackberry. With the massive presence of Blackberry already in place in Microsoft stack offices it makes more sense for Microsoft to work with RIM and maybe even merge than for Microsoft to try and salvage its own mobile business.

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