Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Windows 7 has nothing to worry about from the Google Chrome OS

Windows 7 has nothing to worry about from the Google OS. The Google Chrome OS has gotten a lot of press. Google is good a getting press. Much better than Microsoft. For a long time everything Google did was going to change the world. The press is not so eager to report Google's many failures. Remember all the hype about Wave? Its retirement into Open Source gotten far less attention.

Well the Google Chrome OS is keeping up the tradition of basic non-efforts from Go0gle. Another project that sounded better in the news Google Chrome OS is a really stripped down version of Suse, and I mean really stripped down. It has Google Chrome and Open office and Evolution. It essentially can browse the Internet and write word pads.

Worst is it does not come with the tonnes and tonnes of free stuff you get on Ubuntu, and as for a samll Linux is lags well behind Puppy in features. Its just a very basic version of Linux with Google branding.

Microsoft certainly faces a lot of challenges in a world where the very concept of "computer" is being redefined by Android, Blackberry and Apple. But the Google Chorme OS, really Suse with Google and little else on it, is no real threat to either Windows 7 or Windows XP.
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