Sunday, 5 September 2010

I was wrong on Twitter Site Info

Well my prediction about reaching its peak, which I was stupid enough to post earlier this year, was a flop.  After some initial post hype drop off Twitter is exploding.

What is striking is how Twitter and Facebook are getting all the benefit from the smartphone Web 3.0 revolution, while Flickr is not.  You would think that a site like Flickr should be gaining massive ground right now.  But Flickr is a hard tool to integrate in to other services.  It is not as open to Application development on top of it as Twitter of Facebook.  Twitter and Facebook embraced the ecosystem.  Facebook was promoted greatly by Mafia Wars and Farmville, which it had to pay nothing to build.  Twitter is gain ground from Web 3.0 services like Foursquare. 

The key to having a winning online service is Integration and Distribution.  Twitter and Facebook have it much better than Flickr and MySpace, so they won.

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