Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Intel show that Moore's law in a law of man not a law of nature

"Moore's Law is not a law of physics, it's a law of human inventiveness," Intel president and chief executive Paul Otellini told BBC News.
BBC NEWS | Technology | Intel shows chips can get smaller

Well that seems to be resolved.  I had long suspected that Moore's Law worked because the few chip producers, for a long time one, went by it to insure they had the right match of stability and innovation so that business would buy now while confidently knowing when to buy in the future.

This gets back to my ongoing discussion on Open Source and Linux.  I hold that an Open Source model will produce more innovation faster than a top down model like Microsoft.  But a Microsoft model can produce innovations in a knowable pattern like a SP the first 6 months and a new release every 3 years.  This ability to know what Microsoft will be doing, roughly, as far as the need to purchase new technology, new licenses, and provide new training that makes Microsoft fit so well in to businesses efforts at accumulation over time.  And it is this "fit" between how Microsoft manages technology innovation and what Capitalist interests want that makes Microsoft such a powerful brand.
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