Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Facebook group Inglourious Basterds

Facebook | Inglourious Basterds

Web 2.0 has changed how we can consume media in deep ways. I loved Inglorious Bastards like I love Pulp Fiction. Back in the day I talked to my friends and engaged in flame wars on usenet about the movie.

Today I can join the facebook group and potentially make contacts with people who like the movie. I have already done some work on the Wikipedia entry and when I have from free time I was planning on expanding that. And of course you can Twitter follow.

Bruno was suppose to be the big movie of the summer and personally I laughed my ass off through Bruno, but the "masses" on Twitter had something else to say and the movie was quickly culled by the new electronic community. Word of mouth would have done the same thing, just a bit slower.

But maybe with a complex thoughtful movie like this one, which I am sure I will watch over and over again, the social networks might be a place to explore the meaning and develop productive networks. My academic work is around Culture and Identity, so this kind of stuff could be very cool.