Friday, 8 May 2009

Movies and software

Since learning that that this movie would come out this May almost half a year ago I have been pushing it out of my head. If it was terrible I didn't want to be crushed. If it was great I didn't want to drive myself crazy waiting for it. Thing about movies is that they are just like software and not cars: you can't tell anything about them until the reviews come in and you see it for yourself.

Strange that for an industrial product like software the final outcome is just like movies. In 2006 Microsoft produce SharePoint 2007, Office 2007 and Vista.

The thing about movies is you like them or not right away, that is not always the case with software. Vista was an instant flop. Office 2007, which I think is a good product, seemed like it might get traction but, well there is just no reason to change office. SharePoint has been a major hit and only now the problems with 2007 are becoming obvious.

Hollywood is infamous for being a weird business. Stars are random things that rise and fall without any reason. Directors, writers, and other supporting staff are strange gurus holding unique skills. The business of Hollywood does not understand the production staff and the production staff does not respect the business. The end process is generally cheap high risk offering which are afraid to take chances.

The more I think of it IT and movies are essentially the same industry.
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