Friday, 17 April 2015

Value of Adding a domain to Office 365 (way more than you might think)

Adding a domain name to your Office 365 is a key part to making your People Centric Enterprise work.  Its pretty simple to do, but it will give your firm a unified email domain while still working with Office in the Cloud.  No more having to either maintain a an on-site Exchange Server or have to give people a gmail or hotmail address for your business.

Its technically easy to do, as the video shows, but its worth thinking about how this all fits in the new People Centric Enterprise.

Your domain name is more than just a company name, it should be a brand, a personality and identity that reflects something about what you want to tell the world.  By being able to assign all your users names with your domain, the same domain as your web page, you create a Cloud based identity.  Users can see that your web page, your Office 365 and your email and Lync are all part of a single surface that they can contact from any device anywhere.

Having a single domain that for the web site and the internal messaging and collaboration builds a sense of unified working, where the people are not being made to fit in to boxes.  Rather your domain becomes a large tent where your workers, your partners and your customers can find ways to communicate, learn and share around your business.

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