Friday, 22 November 2013

SharePoint 2013 major disruption in UI and UX

SharePoint 2013 Team Site in Office 365 is a major change in UI, making a more tablet friendly simply design
 One of the most striking things about SharePoint 2013 is simply how it look.  The new SharePoint is a radical brake from all earlier UIs.  SharePoint 2013 UI is more tablet friendly and simpler, with larger objects and less clutter.  SharePoint is also reducing the number of objects the confront the user.

SharePoint 2010 Team Site has most of the same features as the 2013 site, but is fully grounded in the PC world or mouse clicks.  Imagine trying to manage this thing with a finger.
I am finding SharePoint 2013 much easier to work with than SharePoint 2010, and a greater improvement over 2010 than 2010 was over 2007.

SharePoint 2007, while the UI changes between SharePoint 2007 and 2010 were in large part cosmetic, SharePoint 2013 is a real change in how people will be able to interact with SharePoint.

I think it would be a major mistake to think this is just a skin deep transformation, which it is easy to think.  Working with the new SharePoint 2013 you quickly see that it is mostly the same as 2010 under the hood.  But the new UI also comes with a new App model, new RESTful web services interface that returns JSON and ATOM, new JavaScript API model for cross domain communication.

Microsoft is embracing disruptive web technology from places like Google, Twitter, Facebook and the start-up culture of open interfaces.  Things are going to change a great deal, SharePoint silo nature may change for something more like Twitter.

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