Tuesday, 14 May 2013

DocAve for AvePoint is a simpler alternative to RBS

One of the limitations of OTB SharePoint, including 2013, is that everything is stored in SQL Server.  When you are dealing with large files or lots of files this can become expensive to the point of unsupportable.  For example SharePoint won't support files over 2 GB, and yet in our world of audio, photo and video media a 2 GB presentation is not unheard of.

People are often just keeping their really big files like movies, podcasts and computer designs outside of SharePoint.  But DocAve File Share Navigator from AvePoint promises to allow you to expose your file shares in side of SharePoint. This is not only a cheap and dirty alternative to simple RBS requirements, but it can mean that if you have lots of large files you can still have SharePoint as your team and project portal.

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