Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Standalone installation of SharePoint Foundation 2010

Best introduction to extraction and doing a proper install.  But be warned, this is for stand alone installation, any Enterprise installation is going to need the missing steps of pointing to a SQL Sever database.

Still a stand alone SharePoint Foundation server will be useful for design, development, and demonstration.  So if you are looking to learn SharePoint this build makes sense.  I have developed this on a Virtual Box VM running in 64 bit mode on my iMac.  Perfect environment for learning and experimentation.

The following are the key steps in building a stand alone SharePoint 2010 Foundation Server.

First you download the code.

The download file is SharePointFoundation.exe, do not run this but extract it to a directory.  My directory is c:/swp.

To extract a file run the command line for the file adding the command /extract after

Select the file you wish to extract it to.  This is the recommended way to run install, for it allows you to run Pre-requisit check and install seperately.

Run the PreequisitInstaller as administrator

Accept the license

The installer will find missing prerequisites and install them. I found I had to run this twice to get it working, so if you get an error run it again.

Preparation tool running.

Successful prerequisite install.

Now select Setup and run as administrator

Accept the license

In this case we select standalone, which is a far simpler installation.  Click next and SharePoint installs automatically.  The you will need to run the SharePoint Configuration tool before you can use.

The welcome screen of SharePoint Configuration Wizard

Click the Run the SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard.  Again much of this is okay for standalone but you may want to configure service roles in a Production environment using PowerShell.

Configuration runs

When completed you will get this window, which means you have installed SharePoint.  You can now access the SharePoint Central Admin shown below.


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