Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What every SharePoint pro should know about Google+, it rocks

Today I read that Google+ has added over 10 million users in the first couple of weeks. After a week of testing it I an see why. Google+ on the surface looks like a better UI version of Facebook, but at its core it implement a wonderful simple technology in managing social networks: circles.

Circles give you ways to manage your friends and associates. You can organize all your contacts in circles. You can then publish information to different circles. So Google+ gives you technology to communicate to close friends or associates while still tracking major celebrities you don't know. The simple technology of circles merges a private friends network with a public blogging publishing tool, effectively merging Linked In, Facebook and Twitter in to one tool.

Google+ is a real game changer. Using it you start to get a feel for just how bad the existing technology set is. Facebook UI and features are very dated. Facebook did not really push the envelope back in 2003. The outdated design becomes obvious after spending a few hours working with Google+.

Google has certainly set the standard for how social computing will work. Sadly nothing in 2010 MySites comes even close to this. Hopefully Microsoft will have time to catch up, but for now Google has carried out a coup in the Social space.
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