Friday, 2 July 2010

BBC News - Microsoft pulls plug on Kin phone

BBC News - Microsoft pulls plug on Kin phone: "Microsoft has cancelled the European launch of its Kin mobile phone, less than three months after unveiling it with great fanfare.

The phone has been available on Verizon in the US since May, but it is rumoured that only 500 Kins have been sold."

Ouch, 500 phones, it seems that Google and Microsoft both don't do mobile devices.

Thought Googles OS Android is popular with new providers and I imagine we will see a Apple/Android/Blackberry universe for a while.

It has been my anticipation for a while that Microsoft might try to buy RIM. They have already ceded the default mobile device for the Microsoft stack to blackberry, so it may or may not be necessary for them to sell.

Kin looked a lot better than Windows Mobile 6.5 but as I watched the demo I kept anticipating the drags and other functions not to work, or wondered about how hard that would really be to do, or waiting for some warning message to pop-up. 3 years of PDA with Windows Mobile 6.5 has broken the element of trust for me and small Microsoft devices.

That said as I have learned with the iPhone and iPad that it only takes one device to rebuild trust.

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