Thursday, 1 April 2010

Just viewed Windows 8 demo

I have just had the opportunity to view an early pre-release of Windows 8. Let me tell you, this thing is going to change everything. The UX had been entirely redesigned to look like nothing that has previously been created by Apple and introduces an original unique interface all its own. Its hard to fully describe. The screen radiates a 3D workspace around the new monitor allowing you to work in depth without special glasses, its really amazing. And the items actually slightly resist your hand motion depending on their relative importance. Amazing.

The other amazing feature is new core multiplying. Core multiplying means that Windows 8 can make 2 cores in to 3 cores without loss of performance. Its really amazing. I tested it in a 12 core machine and it gave me 18 usable cores.

Voice recognition is really taking a step forward, actually it is almost like having a conversation with someone at your local taco stand. Sure it does not UNDERSTAND English but it gets the job done. I was able to open a Word document, dictate an entire letter, and save and email all with voice commands.

What is really amazing is Microsoft embracing of Open Source everywhere. The kernel is actually Linux and all of the Windows code is now fully Open Sourced, as is the new versions of Office 2013 that will ship with it and the still pretty secret IE 10.

But the most unique feature is the new boot-up sound file, which does not play music but simply says clearly upon start "April Fools"

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