Tuesday, 2 March 2010

BBC News - Local government web use 'disappointing'

Basic problem

Socitm, which represents IT managers in councils, rated websites on many different criteria including whether citizens could find answers to their questions, if the site was up to date, if it had a consistent style that aided navigation and how easy it was to search.

Of the 433 sites reviewed, 3% got top marks of four stars, 24% got three, 46% got two and 27% won only one star.

Overall, the survey found that the number of satisfied visitors to council websites dropped by 18% during 2009.

"It is really disappointing that the performance of this lowest cost service delivery channel seems to have stagnated over the last year," said Martin Greenwood, author of the report.

This should not be taken as a criticism of web managers, he said.

"Responsibility lies with councils' top management, many of whom still do not recognise the key role of the website in reducing corporate costs through the efficient management of customer enquiries," said Mr Greenwood.

BBC News - Local government web use 'disappointing'
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