Monday, 4 January 2010

The Brilliance of SketchFlow

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When I was a web developer I used to often rapidly put together UIs to show concepts to clients.  What I often found was that I was simply wasting time.  Either my UI concept, which I would stay up for hours to get right, was not good enough or if the client liked it they just assumed all the work was done and made irrational demands for delivery points.  I would often get involved in long debates with Project Managers about what was and was not a computer program, and Project Managers are probably wise not to listen to coder to closely.

That is why SilverLight SketchFlow rought look is such a simple brilliant thing.  It keeps the the rough look of white board while still having flow, so you can give the user the feeling of how the application will work.  So now you can communicate the flow of a project without the client then assuming all the work is done.
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