Thursday, 24 December 2009

Web 3.0

I am going to be changing this blog a bit in the new year. This is not that I have lost interest in SharePoint or the entire question of collaboration. It is because SharePoint and Enterprise Collaboration have won. Four years ago there was kind of a point to make, that point is turning in to a bandwagon.

Also my reviews of SharePoint 2010 and Wave make me believe that a technical blog about implementing SharePoint will be of less and less value, as I can see that this is all going to the Cloud very quickly. I started this blog thinking about the ecosystem of Gold Partners with less than 400 staff who implement SharePoint. I now see that the SharePoint ecosystem is going to change a great deal over the coming years.

So where do I plan to go? Well I will still follow SharePoint 2010 and other trends in collaboration. But right now what is catching my eye more and more is the 3D web. I keep thinking of Marvin Minksy in Society of the Mind that a vision system would need to have all the Semantic knowledge to be a language system. That is that we are not going to get meaning out of the web via Semantics, because text as a final product can only be so understood by programs Google and Bling. We are going to get more meaning out of the web by making it 3D.

Right now SharePoint is not even in this space. Google and Microsoft are fighting it out with SkethUp and 3Dvia but it really is Second Life which is the ground breaker in this field. And this field is still out there enough to be interesting and risky enough to be fun.

I will continue to blog about SharePoint but hell what do I have to prove, SharePoint won. If you are not using it at work you probably will be in 2 years time. SharePoint is almost at the point of becoming dull. I mean who would want to write a blog only about Exchange Server?

I want to keep things moving in the general direction of computers and meaning. Right now installing a SharePoint server farm is on the point of becoming a commodity. But how to make a computer structure that reduces search time and improves collaboration beyond what search enginges can do it where its at.


  1. I agree with you about Second Life. A Social Networking Community where I am stimulated by not only the endless capabilites of building places like Avenue Champs Elysees of Paris, France...I am learning a new language. It's not Rosetta Stone, but more interactive, stimulating and engaging because the avatar is a real life person. Sharing ideas with a diverse group inside of Second Life, everyday is a WOW, ah-ha, hmmm, and yes the few wtfs... but over-all the New Year finds traveling and meeting people in this metaverse to talk on many topics a Point to Share and Sharing many many POINTS. The views on Second Life is very promising Robert. Look me up Diamond Pessoa.

  2. Diamond Pessoa

    Thank you very much for that.